The Versatec Ultra series represents a significant improvement in the commercial water source heat pump (wshp). The product features high efficiency with industry leading standard options in a compact cabinet suitable for both retrofit and new construction applications. It is also designed to provide optimum performance and flexibility in both water loop and geothermal applications. American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning’s packaged rooftop units are powerful for their size and packed with features to handle the most demanding light commercial applications.

Includes gas/electric, air conditioner or heat pump applications in three to 10-ton capacities with horizontal and downflow capabilities in 12.5-to 25-ton capacities.


Envision Series breaks ground again by providing the first 30 EER and 5 COP (ISO 13256-1 GLHP) and the first 30 EER 6 COP (ISO 13256-1 WLHP) rated water-source heat pump on the market. Higher efficiency also means less heat rejected and ultimately shorter earth loops.Tough and versatile American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning split light commercial systems are designed to work in a variety of applications, providing the flexibility and freedom needed to provide A Higher Standard of Comfort in any commercial environment.

Available in cooling only or heat pump applications with single, dual or dual-manifolded compressor options.